the aligners

Meet SimplyClear

SimplyClear aligners are designed with YOU in mind. Every SimplyClear case is planned and evaluated by your doctor and a partner orthodontist for the highest level of quality and accuracy.

  • Easy to Wear

  • Nearly Invisible

  • Effective Results

  • Trimmed to Perfection

  • Comfortable

    the why


    Straight Teeth are Healthy Teeth

    Misaligned teeth leave you more susceptible to health issues in the mouth and beyond. A good occlusion (straight teeth) can lead to healthy gums, better oral hygiene and less wear and tear on your teeth. SimplyClear aligners treat a wide variety of malocclusions including:

    Smiles by the Numbers

      • Percentage of US Population75%

        • Percentage of US Population (annually)1%

        Sources: American Association of Orthodontics and Humana

        the how


        Getting the smile you love with SimplyClear is…simple.


        Get Started with SimplyClear

        Your SimplyClear provider will scan your teeth and take any necessary photos and x-rays used to plan your case.


        Receive Customized Aligners

        With the support of an entire Orthodontic team, your SimplyClear provider will approve your treatment plan and deliver your custom clear aligners.


        Transform Your Smile on The Go

        Wear your aligners as prescribed by your doctor. With each clear aligner step, your teeth will gradually move into the desired position.


        Lock in Your Perfect Smile

        Bring on the confidence. Once you and your doctor are happy with your final smile, you will receive retainers to lock in that smile.

        What SimplyClear Patients are Saying

        "I had aligners about 10 years ago in my mid-30's. Unlike my previous aligner, the edges of the SimplyClear aligners aren't sharp and provide no discomfort on my gums or tongue." - Doug R

        Frequently Asked Questions

        1Is SimplyClear treatment right for me?
        SimplyClear aligner system provides most patients with an easy, effective way to achieve a healthier, straighter smile. Please consult your treating doctor to review your specific needs.
        2Are SimplyClear aligners comfortable?
        SimplyClear aligners have expertly trimmed and polished edges, customized to each patient’s teeth. They deliver a gentle, constant force designed to provide accurate tooth movement and a comfortable patient experience.
        3How much does SimplyClear cost?
        SimplyClear pricing can vary depending on your location and your provider. Please consult your treating doctor for more information.
        4How long should I wear my SimplyClear aligners each day?
        For best results, wear the aligners at least 22 hours per day, including while sleeping.
        5Are SimplyClear™ aligners registered and tested?
        The SimplyClear™ aligners are made of medical device surgical grade plastic, have been fully approved by the FDA, and follow all US safety standards. They are definitely BPA-free.